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Vego Garden

Starting at $
Beds starting at $129, click to get the Teaquila Farm Link!

Our Personal Experience:

Chad & Stacie's Assessment of Vego Beds

We are new to Vego garden and this is our first season with them, but so far we are loving them! 

Truthfully, we admired our neighbor's beds for an entire season and I stalked him to ask him where he got his beds. He sent me the link and voila, we were stoked to welcome Vego beds into our space!

We started with three beds and we're excited to turn our previous boring, patchy lawn into a food forest. You can read more about our first gardening experience here, how to avoid the same mistakes we did! 


Vego Garden's goal is to redefine raised bed gardening, and to make a sustainable lifestyle seamless and more accessible for all. Their innovative, modular products allow full customization for your ideal garden.

They emphasize innovative design and high quality with their products. The name Vego carries the spirit of DIY modular raised beds suitable for growing vegetables. Vego Garden gained great popularity right after its launch and is now the leading brand in raised garden beds. Raised garden beds have become popular amongst both novice and experienced gardeners alike due to their functionality and form. Their raised garden beds help you utilize the space you have available, providing a fulfilling experience for every gardener.



Vego Garden metal raised beds are made from Aluzinc coated steel, or Aluzinc steel for short.

Aluzinc is a recyclable metallic coating formed from a mixture of Aluminum, Zinc and Silicon. Durable and long-lasting, it provides superior performance and corrosion resistance under different environmental conditions. Steel is an environmentally-friendly material made using a "green process." Not only is it 100% recyclable, steel is also the world’s most recycled material.


Vego Garden uses innovative Aluzinc steel to manufacture sustainably organic raised garden beds.

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