Farmhouse Remodel

"Teaquila Farm is an ongoing opportunity to build, create and refine with a more sustainable lens. We don't have all the answers, this project is one big experiment!"

- Stacie & Chad

Design Your Dream Bathroom

Nobody hates a mess more than me. GAH I hate a mess!

We are sharing the Teaquila Farm journey to remind you with a little grit, determination, and follow through, anything is possible! I designed my dream bathroom, and you can too! 

If you'd like to follow my five step process for designing your dream bathroom, link to my journal article below, and don't forget to tag us in your projects @teaquilafarm! 

5 Steps to Design Your Dream Bathroom

Demo Phase

The biggest piece of advice we can offer if you're leaping into a fixer upper is, don't be afraid to swing that hammer! Tearing down to build back up is one of the best parts, but it can feel scary if you've never done it before.

We leveraged a project management system called Asana to track tasks and alleviate things from feeling overwhelming (kind of).

From City Hands to Country Hands: Read More Here...

Drawing From
Childhood Experiences

Chad grew up working on houses with his dad in Ohio, but working on Teaquila Farm definitely took his skills to the next level! 

Chad's parents offered incredible support to us, flying out to California 6x for 2 week sprints to support various phases of the remodel. Chad's dad John coached us through most of the process, taught us the basics to get started, then kicked us out of the nest to finish the job!

cluck cluck, let's do this!

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