Luxury Arto Tile
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Luxury Arto Tile

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Arto Tile

Our Personal Experience:

Chad and I wanted premium kitchen tile that would also prove timeless over the years.

Living in Southern California, we have always been drawn to the Spanish inspired tile called Saltillo. Saltillo is expensive and not as durable, so when we found the Arto tile brand, it was the perfect balance of unique design meets longevity! 

ARTO is based out of Los Angeles and known for making rustic and elegantly handmade ceramic and concrete tiles.

Chad and I laid this tile ourselves from start to finish, you can watch a quick reel of the process here! 


Arto tile is the premium tile of choice in the Los Angeles area.



Arto tiles are handmade ceramic and concrete tiles.

Not only are the tiles made in Los Angeles and their raw materials sourced locally, but the glazes, molds, and even their shipping pallets are all made at their factory.


Handmade cement tiles crafted in Los Angeles

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