November 17, 2022
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How to Start Creating Your WHAT (Not Your Why)...

The WHAT exercise...what do you want out of this one wild and precious life?

When Chad and I bought this property in March of 2020, we wanted it to be more than just a single family home.

And what would we do with a 1/2 acre?

That's a shitload of land for just two people with no kids, no dogs, etc so we continued to chat about how we could make this place about community.

I recognize this concept seems strange.

Most folks don't buy their first home with community in mind, but we've had a vision and after almost three years of building, it's about to come to fruition.  

Here's what we mean by community.

Chad and I love hosting podcasts and conversations about how to do better for ourselves and our planet, so we started designing a space that was conducive to just that.

Originally we talked about how awesome it would be to have our surf heros pass through Ventura and stay at Teaquila Farm as they searched for epic waves up and down the California coast.

Paige Alms, Bianca Valenti, Cyrus Sutton, Chris Burkard, come on over to Teaquila Farm!

Of course it's not only about hanging with famous surf peeps, it's about surrounding ourselves with folks who are willing to push their body and mind to the edge, and then come back to tell their stories so we can be inspired, take a nugget of that and create our own version of adventure.

We want to surround ourselves with the greats of the ocean and the surfing world.

This has most recently also translated to farming.

Those who are dedicating their lives to teaching others regenerative farming practices, how we steward and care for the land, and ultimately care for ourselves and our own health and longevity.

And this isn't just about surfers who hold world titles, we're talking about anyone who is willing to put their neck out and teach and / or learn is our people.


Ok back to Teaquila Farm, and more importantly how this applies to you.

I'm going to call myself out on something...

If you haven't noticed, I struggle to put 'Teaquila Farm' into a concise mission statement because it feels like the essence of so many things.

One of our friends even called it 'a silly little farm that's hard to understand' and I laughed, because he wasn't wrong!

But here we go, because it's really this simple....

Teaquila Farm is about regenerating the earth and you.

When we take care of the earth; the oceans, the soil, the biodiversity, the pollinators, the native plants and the flowers, they take care of us.

We've fallen too far away from our connection to nature in our concrete corners of the world.

Chad and I live under the freaking 101 freeway, it doesn't get more urban and disruptive than that.

As I'm sitting outside writing this newsletter, I can hear cars zooming in the background, something that has thankfully become white noise.

In fact, that highway is probably one of the biggest reasons we 'got' this property at the price we did. We saw it as opportunity when others saw it as a deal breaker. Instead of looking at the 101 freeway as a negative, we invited it to be a teaching tool for us.

Did you know sunflowers absorb dangerous heavy metals like lead, arsenic, zinc, chromium, copper, and manganese.

Crazy right?

Having a backyard full of sunflowers wouldn't be the worst thing, and that's part of our strategy for spring.

We'll also be planting various trees to block dust and noise, all while improving the soil and inviting in more biodiversity.

This 'city living' isn't going away anytime soon.

The population on our planet continues to explode and with that comes more development and less nature.

It's up to each one of us to infuse nature into our own little corners of the world. The alternative is going to a park once a week for 15 minutes of 'nature.'

How would you feel if you could step out into your own backyard to pick fresh organic vegetables, laugh at your silly chickens, forage for fresh rosemary for dinner, get your hands in the soil for mental health?

You can.

And maybe some of you reading already do!

Your vision may not look exactly like ours, and honestly if it was an exact clone, that would be creepy anyway.

You don't need a half acre to grow your own food.

People grow food in small pots in containers or even inside with special lights.

Dream up your own version of Teaquila Farm.

What does that look like for you?


I have a challenge for you.

We're about to step into the holidays, and hopefully that means a little breather from the work grind.

I challenge you to set aside 1 hour during the next 5 days of break to write down your "what."

Don't worry about your why just yet.

Answer these three questions on paper or your computer:

1. WHAT do you want out of this life? (30,000 foot view).

2. WHAT do you want this next year to look like for your family? For your health?

3. WHAT 3 things could you slowly improve to start working towards that life you're envisioning?

Put on some inspiring music, find a cozy place or post up at your favorite coffee shop, and just write.

Scribble, sketch, bullet, free-hand for an hour - what do you want this one wild and precious life to look like?

If you're looking for some more inspiration, below is a shout out to some of our friends who are pouring their gifts and creativity into the world:

Marguerite:  Resonating Earth : Blending her own herbal tea, hosting tea ceremonies and sharing healing medicine with the world.

Kelsey:  creating beautiful nature watercolor to share with the world.

Jonny :Jonny Burritos:  Community-minded food truck in Ohio - freaking delicious burritos man!

Gracie : Gracie:  Crafting homemade pottery to share with the world, I'm drinking out of one of her mugs as we speak!

Chad and I have invested in all of the companies above, either by purchasing their artwork, tea, mugs etc because we are stoked when people have ideas, and do them.

After Thanksgiving break, I'd love for you to report back to this email -- I'm looking for a minimum of 10 ideas or takeaways of WHAT you want out of this life, and what you need to do to start moving in that direction.

I'll be sharing them on our Instagram (confidentially).

You can email me and title the subject: The "WHAT" Exercise + Your Name

Talk soon and happy holidays! 

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