October 7, 2022
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Chad's Treatment for Lung Cancer

I thought it might be helpful to spend a few minutes sharing Chad's treatment plan, his recent brain MRI results and next steps for the remainder of 2022.

Chad's Current Treatment Plan:

Since Chad is a non-smoker diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, the initial strategy was to uncover a possible genetic mutation and then develop a treatment plan based on his biopsy and pertinent results.

As strange as it may sound, we were 'grateful' when the biopsy confirmed a mutation called EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor). EGFR-positive lung cancer represents about 10-15% of lung cancer in the United States and generally appears in adenocarcinoma subtype of non-small cell lung cancer.

The reason the EGFR results were a piece of "good news" is because this particular mutation meant Chad was eligible for what is called a targeted therapy, and lung cancer patients have seen success with this type of treatment in the past.

Targeted therapy is different than chemo or radiation, and in Chad's case is being deployed as the first line of treatment before anything else.

It's a test to see how his body responds, and so far we are moving in the right direction.

We envision targeted therapy working like a light switch in his body that slows the cancer down, or even turns it off entirely. It's much more scientific than that of course, but let's stick to layman's terms because this stuff can get quite complicated.

So what IS a targeted therapy anyway?

Well in Chad's case, it's a pill once a day.

Does it have side effects?

Most patients experience some side effects from targeted therapy, imagine anything /everything possible.

Chad has challenged these side effects and learned to minimize them by taking his pill followed by a high intensity workout + ice bath.

As soon as he pops the pill and the brain fog begins to set in, alongside a slight feeling of 'car-sickness,' he kicks it in the butt. We believe his exercise + nutritional choices are minimizing the side effects of the targeted therapy.

Here's the BEST PART! 

Chad's Recent MRI Results:

Chad has been on his targeted therapy for just over 6 weeks, and his recent brain MRI showed a 50% size reduction in his brain tumors!


Yes, a 50% size reduction in his brain tumors in just 6 weeks.

While we are elated by this news, as Chad says we 'can't take our foot off the gas.'

We're cautiously optimistic and continuing to put the work in every day.

Chad's targeted therapy is just one small piece of the puzzle, and we truly believe it's all of the other things Chad is doing (plant based nutrition + fish, exercise, cold baths, breath-work, community support, etc), in conjunction that is supporting his overall health, and giving his body and mind an opportunity to rebuild and regenerate.

I will share more on his day-to-day strategies in a future post.

Next Steps:

Chad's next scan will be mid-December, the waiting in between is the hardest part.

The great news is Chad was given the green light to travel, so he's leaning into these next few months to do some of the things he has been wanting to do, including a spontaneous getaway for his 40th birthday. LFG!

YOLO baby, you only live once! 

What are you waiting for? 

Take a page from Chad's book.

Have ideas. DO THEM.

Thanks for reading and for your ongoing love and support! 


Stacie and Chad

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