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Our Personal Experience:

Chad and I first fell in love with WHOOP primarily as a sleep coach. It monitors your sleep cycles, debt, performance, and quality, to help you know how much sleep you need every night. It has evolved to also measure blood oxygen levels, skin temperature and heart rate, so you can see when you’re making progress, or when something’s off from your baseline.

WHOOP was incredibly helpful for us while we were working on our fixer upper as our daily strain and physical activity were typically very high. Knocking out walls, setting tiling, painting and building a chicken coop all take a lot of physical activity, therefore measuring our activity, recovery and sleep was key throughout the past few years.

And now as we build the urban farm, WHOOP is more important than ever.

Lastly, I would say WHOOP helped Chad and I learn to communicate differently.

Each morning WHOOP gives you a score, you're either green, yellow or red (preferably green) and on days when we were yellow or red, we were less resilient and it was easy to grow impatient more quickly. So long as we are communicating about our 'score' and how we are feeling that day, its helps put things into perspective and allows us to practice more patience and go a little easier on one another. No other tool we've experienced helps us to quantify how we are feeling in a measurable way.


Get first month of WHOOP free with our discount code, $30 / month thereafter! If you don't like it, no sweat!

WHOOP is an American wearable technology company that tracks key metrics like daily strain, recovery, and sleep. The device was originally focused on athletes, however it has been leveraged by C-suite executives and more.



Engineered with microfilament yarn for enhanced comfort and durability. Includes the Fast Link™ slider that makes swapping bands easier than ever.

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